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Jim G., Chula Vista, CA

I inherited this Howard Miller clock once my folks passed on. The clock is 35 years old and hasn't worked for many years. Kirk came to the house and removed the clock from the cabinet to take back to his shop for repair. After two weeks for repair time, Kirk returned to reinstall the clock. The clock is running in like new condition. Kirk did a great job and its great to hear the clock chiming once again like it used to. Great work! Nice guy too.


Marc C., Boise, ID

I was moving a Grandfather clock that has been in my family for 50+ years, about 1,000 miles.  Took the top off the clock and realized it was beyond my ability, without breaking something.

Went to Valley Clock who had worked on the clock for my family previously. They rushed out to the house because I needed to leave town the same day, disassembled and packed it for me, patiently showing me how to safely reassemble on the other end.
The clock was transported safely and reassembly was flawless based on their instructions.

Thank you for such great service. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have my Dad's clock running in my home, like nothing ever happened.
I wish this shop weren't 1,000 miles from my home now!


Helen D., San Diego,CA

I couldn't  be more pleased with the service  we received from the moment Kirk walked into our house to see what our grandfather clock needed. From giving us a quote to having it ready to reassemble into  clock Case sooner then we were quoted.

Given a Reasonable price for all that our clock had gone through after a construction crew miss handled our heirloom clock. Kirk even had his Secretary wright out a message for insurance company to take on some of the responsibility of there  workers damage that increased the function and look to our grand father clock.
Now very  pleased to say our clock looks and works like the day we  first received it. Perhaps even better, thanks to Kirk store owner and repair man, his dedication and pride in what he does came through 100% in our eyes.

Look no  farther if you need any work on any clocks or even if you just want information or out to buy a clock , check out valley Clock Shop.

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