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All movements are completely taken apart and cleaned by hand in an ultrasonic. After cleaning all gears and movements are visually inspected for any abnormal ware. Each gear is put into a lathe and all the pivot ends are burnished. Both the mill and the lathe are Sherline products and of the highest quality. Next step is to broach each hole on the plates of the movement, both front and back side. Upon broaching each worn pivot hole will be drilled out and replace with a friction busing. We use both Bergeon and KWM system bushing equipment. Upon completion each movement, is oiled, greased, set up and calibrated. We use only the finest oils, grease and tools to complete repairs.

Clock Cleaning & Repair
Mobile Services

You don’t have to come to us if your clock is in need of repair.  We’ll come to you!

 Recommend for Grandfather or larger clocks.

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